Sunday, September 30, 2012

Oh how I wish.

Yep...holidays are making me happy right now!!!

Sleeping in till 8am.
Letting the children get their own breakfast.
Not getting properly dressed.
Wearing Uggs.
Having a wine in the afternoon.
Listening to children giggle and roller skate around the house.
Watching my Daisy's fingernails grow back, after she nervously chews them at school.
Taking the time to sit and watch a whole episode of "dance Mums" with my four girls.
Talking about stuff with my eldest little guy.
Not looking at the all really, except the aforementioned wake up time.
No damn school lunches to pack or uniforms to wash.

Yeah...we're one week into these school holidays and man o man 
it feels like how life should be...ya know!!!
Oh how I wish...



  1. I'm hearing ya! Especially about the school lunches.........that's my favourite part about holidays - packing school lunches does my head in! Enjoy the second week :) Unfourtantely I've got to work the whole week :(

  2. Working all week Malea..that sucks!!!... I hope that between you finishing work and the children's bed time is extra extra you can soak up all their stories from their day...xx


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