Tuesday, October 23, 2012


my blogging mojo packed up and left the building...
I've no freakin idea where it went...i even lost my facebook mojo"

I promise it's all beginning
 to come back to me...
Slowly words are being knitted around my mind, and my thoughts are becoming clear enough to type.
I'm happy, happiest ive been in a long time..and I thought i was already really happy..my children are happy...my beautiful husband is happy, and we have been doing 
absolutely nothing much..just living...and playing...and breathing.

I've been on Instagram...a lot..its my favourite social media site right now...if you care to follow my feed my name is 

I took this picture this morning...
it cracked me up!
Girlfriend is sportin some awesome hands on hips "tude".....

top 5 things that are making me happy right now

1. I mopped my floors today and dude i forgot how nice they look clean
2. I've been playing outside with the children after school and it's been warm and sunny and lovely.
3. Clover naps everyday and i feel like that small window of peace and quiet helps me keep sane.
4. I'm changing my hair back to a lighter shade...it's a process, and will take some time but i feel more me.
5. The anticipation of my favourite season is coming...Summer/Christmas.

lets make it 6 things that make me happy...because....well.....why not!!!!!

6. I believe skype is the greatest invention of the 21st century.

Im glad to be back...I hope your all still there???


  1. Hellooooo!!! Was wondering where you had got to! My blogging mojo is gone for good I reckon. I've taken up running instead...

    1. Hey Bin.... I thought mine had too!!! Running??? You go girl x

  2. Welcome back, it's nice to be happy :)
    Have requested to follow via instagram

    1. Hi Tracy :-)).... I just accepted and requested your IG page too x


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