Sunday, January 20, 2013

hi guys

Is anyone there?

I haven't forgotten about you.
I promise.

Things are not going so great here at the minute.
Ulcerative Colitis has rared its ugly head again, and while my husband battles this flare up
I haven't had time for myself, I haven't had time to think.
Ive been busy being, Mum, Dad and Nurse.

Have you ever heard of the saying...
If it doesnt rain it pours?
Well that has been our life of late....
One things after another keeps going wrong
from ER visits with split toes so deep we could see bone, to croup, to sprained wrists, to hospital stays....

I want to come back here....
I truly do.
Even finding this two seconds to type these measly few words was hard.

So while I go and be superMAMA  (erm not so super my mind is currently mush)
be patient with me...

I'll promise more updates soon.

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  1. Prayers going out for your family. It will get better soon=)


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